We provide free sports testing combines and educational resources for on & off the field advancement.

Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation that provides Free sports “testing” events to help athletes from all walks of life afford the opportunity to showcase their talents and be evaluated by the collegiate levels. Our goal is to educate athletes in the areas of internet/social media safety, training, nutrition and recruiting through our network and resources.

The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donation and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional testing, education, networking, and perhaps most importantly relationship building with the right people in the right positions, without the hassle of skepticism or fear of exploitation.

Today’s responsible parent of high school age athletes are vigilant and privy to literature, as they should be. However, they are assaulted constantly by an army of companies with lofty promises and few results. In conversation with any random selection of said parent, it’s not hard to ascertain that the culture itself is willing to spend considerable dollars for the opportunity to provide their child with a top notch education assisted by even a marginal athletic scholarship because, quite simply, they believe that the risk is worth the reward and the numbers add up.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that often this is not the case. Scholarships are scarce comparatively to those who would attempt, and the cost can be high. Placement on college rosters is often left to “grass roots” recruiting. Let’s clarify. It becomes a mad scramble for athletes and parents to get the right information in the right hands and quite a bit of finger crossing that they may have an intimate connection to those who are viewing it. In other words, even in today’s age it’s the Wild West and they’re gambling, unless they have that one athletically gifted child on a transcendent level. Let’s face it, how many of those are there? We hear the 1% narrative and there is truth to it.

The mission of the National Scouting Combine is to provide student athletes an opportunity to be discovered by college coaches. From affluent to under privileged athletes, The Beyond Sports Network Foundation will provide these services at no cost, so all athletes may receive maximum national exposure


Beyond Sports Network Foundation (BSN) will create a private and secure database of high school athletes through combines, showcases, and future all-star games. Our goal is to provide high school coaches a better resource to help promote their athletes at no cost to them. The BSN goal is for college coaches from every level (Football Bowl Subdivision, Football Championship Subdivision, Division 2, Division 3, & NAIA) to be able to gain valuable information, sports backgrounds, biographies, stats, and film of potential recruits in order to help them discover talent and determine whether or not an athlete would be a good fit for their team and organization.

BSN will provide each athlete with a brief post event seminar that will contain tips, advice, and suggestions on how to begin or enhance their current recruiting opportunities. This information will include tips on using Beyond Sports Network, how to reach out and contact college coaches, uses and dangers of social media and smartphones, while also offering advice from coaches, scouts, and players who have reached the highest levels. Our vision is multifaceted:

  1. To provide the best opportunity for an athlete to receive validated measurements, combine stats. Those who excel and test well will have a better chance of being seen and recruited. BSN is prepared to do what no other company has ever done; provide everyone their best chance at the next level.
  2. To educate athletes and parents on the uses and dangers of social media with a focus on reputation management. Athletes and students need to understand and be taught the consequences of how online “posts” can be detrimental to potential opportunities or future career. Educate parents on ‘following’ their children online, managing and overseeing all online accounts, and talking to them about “being under the microscope” 24/7. Organizing meetings, seminars, and preparing online content will provide parents a resource for staying in touch with their child.
  3. To bridge the gap between athletes and coaches by providing the combine stats and measurements on Beyond Sports Network and through email communications.

High Schools will have the opportunity to create pages on BSN to provide more information regarding their athletic programs, points of contact, event schedules, photos, videos and more.