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Our Foundation focuses on helping athletes both on and off the field of play. By becoming a member of Beyond Sports Network, we focus on the things that we believe athletes need in the following areas listed below. We provide advice, resources and educational information from experts in their fields on a weekly basis here on the website and newsletters. Beyond Sports Network provides a safe and educational resource for athletes of all ages to benefit from and we invite you to learn more.

Social Media, Internet & Mobile Safety

  • How to use it in a positive manner
  • Negative drawbacks
  • How to handle criticism
  • Unwanted attention
  • Online danger and scams
  • Privacy in social networks
  • Phone usage/Tracking issues
  • Apps – The good, the bad and the ugly…
  • Browsing habits/History
  • Websites, where your information goes & who is looking

Nutrition Advice @ Every Level

Healthy/Clean eating
Hydration – the best fluids and best times
Gaining/Losing Weight
Pre/Post game nutrition
Eating for specific reasons, i.e.:
Game week/Maxing out/Endurance/etc…
Nutrition for Recovery

Sports Training & Fitness

  • Strength Training
  • Speed Training
  • Power Training
  • Flexibility
  • Sport based training
  • Agility/Quickness
  • Recovery

Recruiting & Scouting

  • Planning & Preparation – when to start
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Evaluating yourself appropriately
  • Camps/clinics/combines
  • College recruiting pages
  • College ID camps
  • Travel vs high school sports (i.e. Soccer)
  • Hiring consultants or paying recruiting systems – is it worth it?


  • Opportunity to showcase combine results
  • Database of athletes for college coaches
  • Promotion of high schools & their athletes
  • Real players with real information
  • Recruiting opportunities